Join us for a Live Satsang with Mataji and Nityanandaji Sharing Stories of Mother Divine, Bhajans, and a Special Shenishwara Sacred Fire Ceremony

LIVE • January 8, 2022

Sri Kaleshwar (January 8, 1973 – March 15, 2012), was a saptarishi incarnation in the Divine Lineage who had a special relationship with the Divine Mother. Sri Kaleshwar communicated with the Divine Mother regularly and negotiated new boons on behalf of humanity for his students to receive and use in easing suffering and bringing light wherever there is darkness.

The Divine Mother sends the master to lead us on the path of enlightenment to come back to Her presence. All who knew Sri Kaleshwar and who are learning about him now and in the future are being called by the Divine Mother to experience Her bliss and miracle energy. The promise of the Divine Lineage of masters is to become one with the Divine Mother as Jesus, Mother Mary, Shirdi Baba, and Sri Kaleshwar did.

Join us as we celebrate Sri Kaleshwar on his birthday with an intimate, live satsang with Mataji, Nityanandaji and friends as they share experiences of the Divine Mother and the miracle energy channels. We will open our hearts with healing music on this special day and receive the Divine Mother’s blessings and the master’s grace with a Shenishwara Sacred Fire Ceremony.

In front of God, once you know the perfect formula, the right channel
and the right energy, everything is possible.
– Sri Kaleshwar

Sharing Experiences of the Divine Mother

Sri Kaleshwar said his greatest aim was for his student to connect to God as Mother. Sri Kaleshwar connected hundreds of students, both female and male, to the Divine Mother and continues to connect students today while in mahasamadhi.

Join Mataji & Nityanandaji and friends as we open our hearts singing to Sri Kaleshwar, sharing experiences of Mother Divine and, receiving blessings from a Shenishwara Sacred Fire Ceremony for protection from illusions and heartbreak, to develop equanimity and fulfill our dharma.


When you enroll, you will receive a personalized energy transmission as your name is read out loud and a coconut will be offered in your name during the Shenishwara Sacred Fire Ceremony. Look in your email for information on how to submit your prayers.


 FRI, JANUARY 7, 2022 • 6pm PT / 9pm EST