Benefits of Reading the Devi Mahatmyam (PDF)

The reading of the Devi Mahatyam is believed to give whatever one wants. But the most important is that it helps awaken Divine Mother consciousness, and activates the shakti in our chakras, connecting us with the Mother. Through it’s wisdom it teaches us about the Goddess’ nature and actions.

  • Fulfills our desires
  • Destroys doubt, worries, obstacles and fears
  • Brings happiness and prosperity
  • Brings healing
  • Bring success in our endeavors
  • Brings protection from negative forces and black magic
  • Neutralizes ill will between people, turning enemies into friends
  • Overcomes negative planetary influences, untimely death, diseases
  • Brings harmony in our relationships
  • Brings devotion and darshan of the Divine Mother

Divine Lineage Navaratri - Benefits of Reading the Devi Mahatmyam.pdf
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