This classroom* is dedicated to the study and practical implementation

of the Devi Mahatmyam.

*This classroom is part of the Virtual Ashram core subscription.

Calling the Divine Mother 

The world has never needed the Mother’s protection, love and wisdom as much as we do now. During ages past, whenever negative forces have dominated and terrorized the world, the sages invoked and brought forth the Mother Goddess. All the gods and sages bow the Her, as She is the invincible one. Only the Devi can destroy the evil doers and restore harmony and dharma. 

It is now time for the sages – the wise women and men of the world – to call the Goddess, please Her with our devotion and invoke Her shakti to take care of the world. 

Shakti-dhuts and siddhas are the servants and vehicles the Divine Mother uses to change Her creation. She is calling us to worship and invoke Her shakti through our spiritual practices. To do this, we will do both shakti-energy processes from the ancient knowledge and the bhakti process of reading the Devi Mahatmyam – The Glory of the Goddess. This practice is done throughout India during Navaratri.

You do not have to wait until Navaratri to start the process or reading of the Devi Mahatmyam. Start it now and experience Her presence, may the Mother be with you!

"I will tell you of the many times She manifests to fulfill the desire of the gods. At these times She appears to come into the world, although She is in fact eternal.”

~ Devi Mahatmyam