“The master and student, that relationship is beyond any relationship on this planet. That bond, that relationship is immortal. It’s forever and ever for many lifetimes. Wife and husband, brother and sister, father and daughter, son and mother, friends -- these are temporary attachments. Beyond any relationship is between the master and the student. That bond you really need to develop. That relationship you really need to carry. It’s super important.”

- Sri Kaleshwar

About This On-Going Series

Join us as we connect to Sri Kaleshwar (January 8, 1973 - March 15, 2012), whose life’s work was to create a lineage of spiritual masters and healers to bring the Divine light to the world. As we celebrate his mahasamadhi, we honor his life, his sacrifice and his on-going grace in our lives. The connection to the master is Divine and immortal, and during this auspicious time we remember together the bliss of being with the Master. It is through his grace we can share these memories with our soul family and share his light with one another.

Throughout this series, we’ll hear stories and experiences from those who served him, learned from him and were blessed by his physical presence.
This course contains satsangs & teachings from
Pranic Prathistha 15th Anniversary Celebration!
  • A new satsang with Mataji, Nityanandaji & friends
  • Recorded Maha Datta Abishek
  • Recorded bhajans

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“I won’t be with you on the physical level forever until your last breath. You won’t be with me until my last breath. We’re all separating. I don’t care about the body family; I care only about the soul family. That’s important. On the soul level I have to do my duty – the soul handling. Then later, the connection will be all the time there. That’s important. That’s immortal. That’s the real fragrance. The body family is maximum 50-80 years. The soul family is immortal. So, try to be as members in that family to reach that stage. You’ll know that fragrance very soon.”

~Sri Kaleshwar

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