Virtual Ashram courses offer in-depth instruction in the ancient palm leaf knowledge. Course offerings include basic to advanced curriculum, featuring experienced teachers dedicated to bringing the Knowledge to every life.

Course topics range from soul travel mechanisms to practical approaches to building a healing practice. Courses are self-paced and offer an opportunity to dive deep into the palm leaf knowledge.

Courses Include:

Video/audio Teachings
In-depth Meditation Practices
Bonus Materials
Lifetime Access

If you want to see the real thing – focus. The person who is making you focus is not God. He’s a friend who came in your life bringing light to push you. On one level he’s a god to you, but the real God is what he experienced, what you are experiencing.

~ Swami Kaleshwar, from The Divine Mystery Fort

Self-Paced Courses

A Virtual Ashram Student Shares:

The online courses offered through the Divine Mother Center provide a rare opportunity to experience the blessings of sacred energy processes remotely. Connecting with my soul family through these programs gives me tangible community and support through the distance, and facilitates a deepening awareness of health, healing, and divine presence in my personal and dharmic paths. Thank you to everyone involved in the transmission of this knowledge.

- Tara Song MD, Los Angeles, California USA