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Lora Stone is a Sai Shakti Healer and Senior Teacher of the Ancient Indian Divine Knowledge. She lived and studied in Penukonda, South India, for over a decade under the direct guidance of Sri Kaleshwar. Lora received numerous initiations in the Sai Shakti Energy Channels, including advanced yogas and Mother Divine darshans. Lora works as a healer, teacher and spiritual coach.

When I started the Five Elements Process in the summer of 1999, three months before meeting Sri Kaleshwar in person, I felt an exhilaration of hope come over my being. Sitting outdoors with my thumb pressed in the earth, I literally felt plugged into Nature and could feel my body de-charging into the powerful earth element. I felt lighter and more alive and that was just the beginning. The practice of doing the same mantra every day at the same time started to have a healing effect on me and created a longing for this special time every day in the Nature. As I charged each of the mantras, one by one, different experiential phenomena started to occur. It was the beginning of my personal, spiritual journey.

Having lived over ten years in Penukonda, studying directly under Swami Kaleshwar, it is my pleasure to share with you the knowledge that I carry that has the potential to help you on your spiritual journey with the five elements. There is much that will arise during this process and I am happy to support you all the way through it. I also have a long background as a trauma and energetic healer that can further support you. It is my dharma and my joy to help you on your journey.

“We’re using the five elements wherever we go in the entire universe. We are connecting with those elements when we’re using holy water or a holy flame in a temple or church. If you can absorb the power in the five elements, then you can connect with them wherever you are in the universe. Then, your body is completely filled with the vibrations of the five elements. Automatically, your mind and your thoughts, your heart and your soul are opening like a flower, starting to sing like a lovebird.” Sri Kaleshwar

As your Five Elements coach, I will help provide clarity and support for your process. Drawing upon all my experiences with these mantras and my experiences with Sri Kaleshwar, etc., I can help provide you with a broader picture about the nature of illusions, the purification process, and help you navigate your spiritual insights and discoveries.

I will support you and help you to balance when you need that and help to guide you on your personal path with the Divine. Generally coaching is an on-going relationship where over time, we clarify your goals, come to understand your dharma and co-create a path for the attainment of your spiritual goals to help you reach your highest spiritual potential.

Benefits of Five Elements
• Process & Coaching:
• Increased intuition
• Increased willpower
• A sense of feeling more grounded
• A growing peace of mind
• Connection with the Ancient Divine Lineage
• Developing the Divine spark that already exists inside of you
• Purification of ‘blocks’
• Support in letting go of thought patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you
• Beginning to actualize your spiritual potential
• Increased Clarity
• Expansion in your heart
• Increased inner strength
• Increased consciousness and awareness
• A growing natural ability to heal others

We are just mere instruments of the Divine. When we know the perfect formulas, the Divine energy can easily flow through our souls and into our five element bodies. It is by Baba’s grace that we can meet and expand our light through this amazing process!

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Coaching sessions with Lora: $108 per hour

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