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Imke is a Sai Shakti Healer and senior teacher of the Ancient Indian Knowledge. She lived, studied and taught (Soul University 06/07) in Penukonda, South India, for a decade. Imke is an experienced meditator with an extensive training in Western psychology. Her background ranges from adult education, working with troubled youngsters on therapeutic traditional sailing ships to business ownership. She brings a wealth of knowledge, real life experience and understanding to her coaching.

Imke lives South of Vienna, Austria, among the vine yards of a picturesque little village. She works virtually in Austria, Germany, Bosnia, Luxembourg, Switzerland and around the world when requested.

Our creation is made of the five elements. If you take one away the whole creation ceases
to exist. Each soul has a preferred element which you will discover as you charge and use these particular mantras.
Charging the five elements in your soul is the basic foundation of the Sai Shakti Knowledge and can be a life changing experience. Congratulation on this courageous step!
Please contact me if…
• you need a loving space to share your heart
• you’d like to deepen your knowledge about the Five Elements process
• you’d like to receive a remote initiation into the Five Elements Process
• you’d need to receive clarification on how to do the process
• you’d like to discuss any of the symptoms you may be experiencing
• you’d like to get some support about the pronunciation
• you’d like to experience the elements mantras with an experienced meditator
• you’d like to have a good laugh together
I am very much looking forward meeting you.

Coaching available in English & German.
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Coaching sessions with Imke: $108 per hour

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