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Lora Stone is a Sai Shakti Healer and Senior Teacher of the Ancient Indian Divine Knowledge. She lived and studied in Penukonda, South India, for over a decade under the direct guidance of Sri Kaleshwar. Lora received numerous initiations in the Sai Shakti Energy Channels, including advanced yogas and Mother Divine darshans. Lora works as a healer, teacher and spiritual coach.

“Everything is in us. But we have to find it. The processes, the perfect processes, you have to do. Doing them at the exact timing, whatever is indicated, the right channeling through your body to your soul, only then is it possible to grow, to make the soul bloom to give fruit. Until then, it’s highly impossible to imagine such greatness is hidden in you.” Sri Kaleshwar

Each person’s path and experiences are unique. Everything that brought you to the place you are in right now is part of your journey and soul history. Swami Kaleshwar said multiple times that each person must go through A-Z in order to attain enlightenment. Yes, A to Z. When we are drawn to this knowledge, we are seasoned souls. In order to achieve in these spiritual channels, we need perfect discipline and the open heart. The open heart is the water for the plant or spiritual development to grow and blossom. Through the open heart and perfect knowledge and channels, anything is possible.

I bring you my experience of training directly with Sri Kaleshwar for many years, as well as the years of digestion and growth since His Maha Samadhi.

My background as a trauma healer is also useful to help students of the knowledge break free from any type of blocks. I am here as your guide and supporter. We are traveling this path together.

“I have been on my spiritual path and healing path for eleven years and having met Lora some four years ago was a huge turning point for me. Lora is filled with integrity, humility and sincerity. She works with a very powerful spiritual technology handed down to her by her teacher and does so with the upmost respect and dedication, something truly rare. She is a person in this field of service who I can wholeheartedly say I trust with my life.” ~Talisman Jaguar, London

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