I have been a student of spirituality my whole life, and a mediator since age 18. My real spiritual life began when I met Sri Kaleshwar in 2003 and I became a student of the Ancient Palm Leaf Knowledge that he shared with the world. I was certified by Sri Kaleshwar during his lifetime as a Sai Shakti healer and teacher. I have been blessed to guide many in discovering the deep stillness and abiding happiness of a meditation practice based on the palm leaf knowledge. 

“You need to know what you’re doing and somebody really needs to guide you until you reach your destiny. If there is no guidance, you are lost. That is the major problem happening right now in spirituality...You just need guidance.”
~ Sri Kaleshwar

In the Silence found in mediation, we develop a relationship with our soul and our consciousness and they come into proper relationship with one another. Then, as Sri Kaleshwar would say, our real life begins. Once that connection has been established, everything is possible.

The meditation channels given by Sri Kaleshwar offer a complete path to enlightenment. As your meditation coach, I will guide you to your direct, unmediated relationship with God.

Spiritual Coaching can help you:
  • Develop a personal meditation process
  • Grow Divine qualities in your life
  • Clear spiritual blocks
  • Have a stronger connection to your inner guidance and clarity
  • Grow your capacity to be of service to others
  • Anchor your happiness and be an instrument for others to do the same
  • Understand the inner mechanisms of the soul
  • Heal yourself
  • Raise your own awareness and consciousness
  • Awaken
  • ...all these things and more are possible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase a single session or choose one of many subscription options. You and your coach will find a plan together that suits your coaching needs.