This classroom* is dedicated to the study and practical implementation of

bijas and ancient sacred geometry from the palm leaf manuscripts.

*This classroom is part of the Virtual Ashram core subscription.

Yantra = Soul Energy Home

Yantras are ancient sacred geometry, soul diagrams with the highest magnetic energy, continuously generating powerful positive energy and creating protection circles and healing vibrations wherever they are. They are a powerful tool for any spiritual seeker wanting more experience and understanding of their own divine capacity.

A yantra is a form of sacred geometry, a drawing with precise lines, shapes and relationships between the various pieces. There are specific mantras related to some yantras, and some yantras stand alone without associated mantras. Yantras may be very simple, for example the cross/crucifix, though many are very complex. Yantras once created (and if necessary charged at a fire puja) automatically open a 'channel' of divine energy through the five elements, magnetizing and drawing through itself high divine vibrations.

Yantras from the palm leaf manuscripts are soul diagrams with the highest divine energy. The vibrations holy yantras generate work powerfully on all of your chakras in your body channeling cosmic energy, nourishing and protecting your soul. Healing vibrations flow strongly from a charged yantra, continually uplifting and protecting wherever it is placed.

"A yantra is a soul diagram, a hidden energy structure… The mantras or prayers, yantras, shastras, will change the humans and their sat chakras in a beautiful way to become strong healers… Any saint, any person, who wants to win spirituality, has to go through the doors of mantra and yantra… Prayers (mantras) are like a fuel in your flight. Yantra is like a pilot steering your flight… To suck high cosmic energy and to be able to hold that, you need Power Objects and divine pictures and yantras in your room."

~ Sri Kaleshwar