My goal is to help you explore the authentic expression of the truth within yourself and the experience of fulfillment in all areas of your life. You have a great well of wisdom within your soul, do not underestimate the power of your love and the strength of your open heart.

With 21 years of experience and development as a Sai Shakti Healer, spiritual coach, mother, and licensed massage therapist, I bring vast experience and a wealth of women's wisdom to share. I received my master healers training at the Soul University in Penukonda, South India, under the direct tutelage of Swami Kaleshwar.

My life's work is researching and reclaiming the spiritual nature of womanhood, sharing sacred ritual and mastering eastern soul healing techniques. My specialty is mother-child bonding and interpersonal relationships, starting with your Self.

There is tremendous pressure on women today. The current crisis situation we are all facing is not helping to relieve this pressure, it has added new and ever more stressful conditions to our lives.

How do we navigate this new and changing world and keep ourselves healthy and sane, and moreover thriving?

Women everywhere are beginning to notice an ever-increasing shift. Sitting just under the surface of the crisis and confusion is another vibration, one of awakening. We are waking up to the depth and truth of our lives, in our families and communities, that we are the ones who must re-create our world. We are waking up to our innate power of creation and it is fabulous! When we come together we can move heaven and earth, we can help each other to heal the wounds of our ancestors and grow our warrior women hearts. When we awaken our families and communities can awaken too.

Many women are searching for their soul calling which brings with it the desire to cultivate divine connection in our lives. It is clear that our hearts need more attention, our souls are longing to connect with source, with the oneness, the beauty, with each other, with the intrinsic nature of our own divine feminine strength.

I will empower you to know the truth of your heart and your soul while creating a strong foundation for self-sufficiency and awakening to your unique divine feminine nature. I offer support, clarity, ritual, practice and compassion, holding space for your highest well-being. We can do anything we set our hearts too if we stand together.

Benefits of divine feminine coaching:

   •   An awakening of deep self love and forgiveness

   •   Reclaim your body, attend to your heart

   •   Resolve inner conflict and release personal blocks

   •   Grow confidence and clarity in yourself and your relationships

   •   Freedom from behaviors that no longer serve you

 •   Grounded self-awareness

 •   Create a deep connection to the Divine Mother within you

 •   Create clear energetic boundaries and cultivate positive beliefs about yourself

  •   Increase your ability to help your loved ones to thrive

  •   Grow your intuitive sense and learn to use it powerfully in your life

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Coaching sessions with Anasuya: $108 per hour

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase a single session or choose one of many subscription options. You and your coach will find a plan together that suits your coaching needs.