“Dedicate your life to the master from the heart each day, every act, word, thought. To Swami, to Baba, to Jesus, to Guru Parampara…Live always your life from the heart, not the mind…follow the intent of your heart no matter what.”

- Sri Kaleshwar

Guru as Soul Mate

Having that blessing of relationship with the master and discovering how to develop a soulmate relationship with the master is bliss. A life of devotion is the greatest protection circle one can have. The relationship with the master is the only relationship that will last; not only until death, but beyond.

Having the presence of Guru Shakti with us creates something of our life. Guru Shakti dissolves the presence of the big I, until there is nothing, there is only the master and the student as one, operating in the 5 Elements.

When Guru Shakti is with us, the Divine Mother draws us close to Her. Then, the master teaches the student how to relate to Her, and how to develop a relationship with Her. To be a vehicle for and an instrument of the master’s energy, is the most priceless gift in all of creation. Nothing is impossible with Guru Shakti.

This Course Includes:

• Yoga Nidra Process instructions •

• Vivekananda by Vivekananda •

• Conversations w/Sri Kaleshwar •

• 5 Teachings from Sri Kaleshwar •

• 20 + hours of live, recorded teachings •

The Student’s Bhakti Activates the Master’s Shakti

The master is always powerless against love. Once the love is there, Guru Shakti comes to the student.

Your curriculum includes Atma Sandhana prayers from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar, a daily meditation process, a Yoga Nidra process, 6 Satsangs with Mataji & Nityanandaji, and additional knowledge on the power and of soulmates, divine darshan, and winning the master's heart.

You will also receive a virtual blessing transmission from Divine Mother Center during a New Moon Protection & Success (Sudarshana) Sacred Fire Ceremony of your choice.

The real experience is how much you really enjoy your time with your master. That’s the real bliss, the real miracle. That is the satya, dharma, shanti, prema. You have all this when you learn how to walk with a beautiful master.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Your Instructors


Having worked closely with Sri Kaleshwar for 15 years in Penukonda, India, Mataji now holds the living tradition and lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, transferred to her before his mahasamadhi in 2012. He prepared her to bring the knowledge and direct experience of the Divine Mother to a world that needs to awaken to Her presence. Mataji’s inspiration, dedication, and leadership have created opportunities for anyone to access ancient knowledge through ongoing programs and initiatives through the Divine Mother Center. She founded Peace Fires, Holy Womb Initiative, and the Divine Mother School, activities of the Divine Mother Center, and continues her stewardship of these programs to bring the miracle of the Divine Mother to the world. Sri Kaleshwar said of her, “Monika (Mataji) belongs to the Divine Mother Kanaka Durga’s feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She will walk and give a lot of wisdom and clarity to bloom wisdom. She will bless millions of people on the planet. She’s going to do it.”

Mataji and Nityanandaji hold regular sacred ceremonies for healing on behalf of individuals, communities, and the globe.

Mataji is the author of Kaleshwar and a modern-day rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra and The Holy Womb: The Secrets of the Divine Mother’s Creation. She is also the editor and ghostwriter of Sri Kaleshwar’s books: The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ; Shirdi Baba, The Universal Master, Victory Through Vaastu: Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture; The Divine Mystery Fort, The Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar.


Nityanandaji lived in Penukonda, India, for 12 years, where he studied directly with Sri Kaleshwar to train healers and students in the West. During those 12 years, he also served as Sri Kaleshwar’s physician. Before meeting Sri Kaleshwar, he was an Internist and Chief Resident at UCSF. Nityanandaji founded the Divine Mother Center in Mendocino County, California, in 2004 and became a permanent resident of the Center upon returning to the United States in 2012. He now serves as a senior teacher and head of leadership for the Virtual Ashram Online Soul University, teaches weekly classes promoting the growth of students and masters of ancient knowledge, and works directly with students as a mentor and spiritual coach.

Nityanandaji and Mataji offer online programs, individual remote healings, and global blessing transmissions, as well as regular sacred ceremonies at the Divine Mother Center to bring healing, balance, and the experience of the Divine Mother to the world.

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