Importance of Meditation

from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar:

Meditation is the Best Remedy

The only medicine for people suffering depression and heartbreak is spirituality. Give them real bliss. There’s no other medicine at all for them in this world. There are tiny, tiny, tiny things to help, but my prescription as a spiritual doctor is I recommend for them to do meditation. That’s the best way to change their behaviors and their character. In all aspects, it really purifies. It really purifies. Once you become a supernatural master, your life as a supernatural healer is really a bliss, taking care of a lot of people in the world.

The Mind is the Only Obstacle

Sit very peacefully everyday thirty minutes. Take a program no matter what how your life is super tight schedule, okay take a thirty minutes minimum, practice it. Take any one mantra, any one prayer. For example, you know Gayatri mantra. Take that, start chant. Close your two eyes. Take the Gayatri picture in your vision or take the Shirdi Sai Baba, take the Jesus Christ, try to bring him. Even if it is little force, do it. It is not easy to learn at a time (all at once) as a bicycle to riding it. After little while you really can put the balance. You're not doing it practicing that’s why you're not getting in the stability. Once if you keep doing it you'll get stability.

Here is one example. Take Jesus Christ. You're chanting some prayer, for example, ‘Om Namashivaya, Om Namashivaya,’ keep chanting, chanting, chanting, chanting. While your chanting take Jesus Christ as a picture in your third eye. You close your two eyes, you see in the vision (the third eye naturally opens). At that time Brahma Consciousness very happy. The heart is also (happy) - you really want to do it, it (the heart) is very flexible. The soul it doesn’t care (whether) you do it or not. But the mind, it always wants to disturb. That is the really twisting there.

You need to make the concentration on the prayer, go. Just yesterday few people I really seen it deeply without your notice you went in the trance. But you're not sleepy, you are in the trance. Something, energy you sucked it, you went there. If you keep doing it you will see how the changes will come in your life. It is the most important thing you need to know to make your life smooth and happy.

Technique to Handle the Mind

Okay the mind brings whenever you're in the meditation, it brings your girlfriend there smiling, ‘Hey, I'm missing you, where are you?’ Okay. Good. Take your girlfriend. Don’t worry, take your girlfriend. Try to see Jesus Christ in her. After a few minutes, in a few seconds you're third eye started to burn her. Burn means it will take her out. Again some your friend will come, different person, laughing, ‘Hey, where are you, what are you doing?’ Some city will come. Again put there Jesus Christ no matter what. Whatever the mind keeps doing, through your Brahma Consciousness forcely pull Jesus Christ again keep putting (JC) on that. Whatever your mind is bringing to you, (keep) putting (JC) on top of it, put on top of it, put on top of it, put on top of it. After certain stage the mind will get tired. It will, no doubt.

After the mind got tired then you stick on Jesus Christ then you keep seeing him. It’s not crazy, you're not self-hypnotizing. It’s not. But, you are aware. You know you are there.

Trance Meditation Grows the Heart & Brings Success

Then later on he also disappears. Then just complete beautiful dark and beautiful stars and light. Something you're seeing you don’t know what it is, a kind of the stage of satchitananda. Bliss. Try to stay in the bliss. Try to keep chanting. Sometimes the mind forgot the mantra. Drop it. Don’t worry. Ignore it. Just you stay in that stage. You're not sleepy. You're not meditating really but you're in the stage of trance. Stay in the trance and keep doing that for one month or two months or three months until your mind got stable. You might think, ‘Swami, I can't able to do this,’ but try, see, you will win it.

Then later on drop-by-drop the energy, the heart, will become very strong. Whenever you wake up from the meditation you will feel such a bliss, very quiet, calm, and your soul will started to command. It is a kind of very smooth and very strong commanding nature. Whatever you think it will get it done, your works (will be successful). Even if it is very super hard work you will be able to find the way you, will do it. Whatever the stress you're holding, it will go away.

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