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from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar:

Aligning With God’s Energy

Mantras are prayer formulas for pulling in, connecting to,& aligning with God’s energy. This is the system for accessing the Five Elements’ Meditation Process formulas. First you “charge” yourself by repeating the mantras for the prescribed period. This heals you and purifies the element in you. Once you get the “symptoms” that the element has been charged, you are aligned with the specific energy of the element and can use it to heal others.

This process requires that these mantras be used in a very particular way in order to gain their benefit. Each mantra has a set of rules to follow. Each of the mantras must be done for a specified period of days and a specified number of repetitions each day and, in some cases, at a certain time each day. Most are done for 41 days, 108 times each day. Unless otherwise noted, early morning or night-time hours are best. Bedtime is a good time for doing the mantras because it is part of an established routine. If a time of day for doing the mantra is not specified, it is beneficial to do it at the same time everyday. When you are on a set schedule, it is easier to remember to do the mantras. It is very important to establish a quiet place for this practice, and to set a time when you will not be disturbed while doing the mantras.

Make sure you will be comfortable during the entire process, either sitting or laying down (be careful not to fall asleep). In most cases the mantras are repeated with the eyes closed. Burning a candle and some incense purifies the meditation area and sets the holy energy.

Once you start the mantra cycle you cannot be interrupted, i.e. going to the bathroom, answering telephone calls or talking to family members. If for any reason you are interrupted, you must start again from the beginning of the 108 repetitions. Also, keep in mind that using these mantras is a process that builds toward an end result.

If you miss a day, you must again start at the beginning of the 41 day process, or required number of days. If you are doing more than one mantra during the same period and one of them is missed, you must start that group of mantras over again.

When you begin a new mantra, it is advisable to say it out loud until you feel confident you are pronouncing it correctly, which may take a few days or so. Saying it aloud helps establish the energetic connections. Once you are comfortable with the mantra you can say it internally, silently. Until you have the mantra memorized, it is best to keep a written copy of the mantra in front of you.

For counting the number of mantras, the Indian tradition recommends using a mala. A mala is a strand of 108 seeds or beads, plus one to mark the start and end, which is called the guru bead (109th bead).

Use this to count the number of repetitions of the mantra. The mala holds the energy of the mantras, and you can wear the mala to keep that energy close to your body. A rudraksha or lotus seed mala is recommended because these actually boost the energy of the mantra, but any type of prayer beads or rosary may be used. The mantra is repeated one time per bead, staying on the same bead until the entire mantra has been pronounced perfectly, from beginning to end

The Practice of Using Mantras

When using the mala never use the first finger (index finger). This is the finger for the fire element and should never touch the mala. If you use this finger, you are burning or stopping the energy. You’re charging and decharging, charging and decharging. Use the middle finger (sky) and thumb (earth), moving the mala across the middle finger with the thumb. The sky gets help from the earth. There is no limit - infinite energy.

Charge the elements in the order that they are presented. Do all of the earth mantras first, then fire, sky, water, air. Before you can begin healing others, you must first have successfully charged the earth and fire elements, and completed 41 days of the sky element. All of the elements can be completed in four or five months.

There are specific “symptoms” for successfully charging each mantra. Also, there are some general symptoms for all of the elements: extra heat in the body, drowsiness, a huge trance with beautiful dreams, good appetite, hunger (good digestion), a clear mind. If you do not get any of the general or specific symptoms, you should repeat the charging process.

It is possible to charge all of the mantras for one element during the same period, but it is best to do the elements one by one. Completing one element before starting the next one will keep the charging symptoms clear; you will not have a question as to which element to attribute the symptoms to. It also allows you to focus on the quality of each element’s energy.

Set your intent before beginning the practice each day. The charging and healing capacity can successfully be gained by repeating these mantras, these prayers, with an open heart.

Importance of Five Elements Meditation Process

The five elements knowledge and the practice of reciting these mantras creates a knowledge base and vibrational foundation for your soul which becomes the basis for subsequent teachings of Sri Kaleshwar. These five elements’ mantras, and other mantras he has taught, are best learned directly from advanced students who have completed the process and are teaching others.

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