Meditation & Prayer

Without the five elements, there is no chance to waken up the channels. The five elements are a must. So you have to remember the elements’ mantras exactly. It’s very important. Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, the five elements’ prayers have to be flowing, making your soul to remember, remember, and remember. At a certain stage, certain point, it automatically hooks the energy. Through your eyes if you want to heal somebody, you can send unbelievable energy. You can send tons of love.

- Sri Kaleshwar

from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

Faith is Necessary

The whole universe prays. The tree will pray, the bird will pray, the cow will pray. Everything, even a rock will pray. I will tell you a story. Some people were preparing a statue of God from a rock. When they were making the statue, even the rock started to cry with a huge love. “Oh, I am changing and becoming a God. Millions of people are going to do pujas, do prayers on me.” When your heart is open to that rock as a statue, to worshiping, your energy is going to out to it, charging it. The energy is building up. You are placing a single seed and that seed is growing - it is going to become one hundred seeds, one hundred fruits, then one hundred thousand, one million, one billion. Each person, when they are growing with the immensity of love and faith is planting their single seed. It is starting; it is growing.

Even if it is your imagination that turns a plain rock into a statue, He is there, God is there, Jesus is there. That seed is enough to grow up a hundred times more power. Then that is multiplied a hundred times again going on to become a thousand. It was not always that way, but it is true nowadays in the universe. How can a rock receive power? - what this means is that God is everywhere, Aham Bramhasmi.

Whatever seed of faith you are planting, it is creating a hundred times more power in this age (Kali Yuga). It’s like a nuclear bomb, an atomic bomb, spreading. It is the inner energy process.

You have to have the strongest faith, and also you have to open your heart. If your heart is closed, you can’t see anything. Suppose, for example, there is a beautiful plant with beautiful fruit and flowers. I say, “Hey, it’s a beautiful flower, beautiful plant. Beautiful, oh look at this. What a dazzling plant it is.” I’m opening my eyes seeing the plant and I’m talking about it. If you close your eyes and say “Hey, what are you talking about, you’re talking crazy, nothing is there” then there is nothing but blindness. You have to open your eyes and you must use them to see.

Understand with the Heart

What this means is that every person has to open their heart for the message. They must understand with their hearts. They must open their minds. Closing the heart and practicing the elements is foolishness. There is no way, no possibility, if the heart is closed. The results from the mantras will not come and your master is not responsible, God is not responsible, the teacher is not responsible. You are responsible to yourself, to your karma. Everything is faith. It’s a new message to the world, my message - why we’re using the elements, the fire element, water, air, sky, earth, and the different types of inner secrecies of the elements.

The mantras create the perfect vibration only when the heart is open. You can chant any prayer, “Oh God, my heart is open to you, please come sit in my heart”, and if your heart is open the vibrations are created. You have to chant, “God, I need you”, then he is there. Without your heart opening it doesn’t help anywhere, anytime, even if you are chanting and chanting. If you say the mantra, whether you have faith or no faith, there is of course still some energy present. It works one level, but it doesn’t work completely without faith. God’s secrets work in the heart.

Open your heart to the beautiful elements and purify the element mantras. You are generating that love forever and ever.

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