Divine Qualities & the Five Elements Meditation Process

from the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

Strong Commanding Willpower, Faith & Patience

Never ever think with your mind. Your mind needs to be completely blocked. First, you must have a strong, commanding willpower and open heart. Then automatically everything happens. It makes it come true.

Faith is always very important. You have to have belief and concentration. It’s like two wheels on the bicycle.

First, be in silence, the very deep silence. Avoid too much talking. Too much talk means you’re losing your energy. Period.
Second, the words, the prayers, the bijaksharas, the personal mantras that a real master has given to you, don’t forget them, use them as much as you can.
Third, faith.

The Five Elements Process is no doubt a huge soul purification process. When someone starts to do these mantras, a lot of karma is burning; the negativity comes out. If there are ups and downs in your life when you begin this process, it means the energy is working on you. It’s like a high vibration running in you. Then with patience and practice, you’ll settle down smooth. For some people this process will be very fast. In a fraction of months some people will be doing healings with these elements channels. They have that kind of soul energy. For some people it might take one or two years. It is okay, your soul is still purifying. Have patience in your process.

Faith is very important. If someone has faith, just they’ll do it. Whatever it is they will have success. When your soul becomes very strong and powerful, once you focus on something you will never have failure. You can clear up any problem. But you must know what you are focusing on. You have to understand for yourself what you’re doing, why you’re doing it—then focus. You have to have some plan to spread the Divine in the universe, to work and to enjoy the happiness as much as you can. Then after that, you will take off.

So, to get there, work hard, be present, have a relaxed mind, and be in silence. It is very important. The real spirituality comes when you can be relaxed. If you can be relaxing by yourself, you can gain more power than doing different process. Just be relaxing. It’s the deeper soul mechanism. It’s very simple and easy.

Connecting to Nature Gives Power to Command on the Elements

A theory says Nirakara Nirguna. In Sanskrit, Nirakara means there is no structure at all.

Nirguna means there is no characteristic, it has no nature at all. Some follow that kind of theory in the Indian tradition. They won’t have any picture in front of them, they won’t have anything - no guru picture, nothing - they’ll just sit seeing the nature. They go out from their villages into the forest, in front of the water. With their eyes, they cannot see any human being around for some kilometers. They’ll sit on the rocks, just watching nature. After a few hours, a few weeks, a few months, then their soul level is going on up to a high level, without their notice. If they sit like that, they going out in minutes. If they sit 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. they cannot imagine where the time is going. The nature, his soul, making him to connect through the deep thinking, but he doesn’t know what he’s thinking. It’s just the nature making him magnetize. That is the mechanism, the soul mechanism, the nature mechanism. After few months, few years, he’s commanding on the elements.

He is one; he crossed the elements. Whatever his sankalpam, whatever thoughts come to him, that is happening. If he is in meditation in nature and any disturbance coming to him, if he sees the rain coming, “Hey stop.” It stops. A tiger is coming in front of him, “Hey! Don’t disturb me.” It stops. The cobra is coming to bite. “What you are doing? Stay away.” He’s commanding. The commanding order comes from the soul. If your soul has that certain type of the resistance energy, then another soul will listen to whatever your soul is saying. Even nature will listen.

Nature means nothing but the Creation. Flowers have a soul. Trees have a soul. The rock, it has a soul. In the Sanskrit, they say, Aham Brahmasmi, Aham Brahmasmi. Wherever you see, there is God. In the ants, in the fly, in the air, in the birds, in the water, in the fish, in the flowers, in the human beings, in the sheep, in the elephants––everywhere there is God, Aham Brahmasmi.

Big Loving Open Heart – Sympathy and Forgiving Nature

Everything is an open heart. That open heart starts bringing incredible divine energy in you. After it comes in you, it’s your duty to develop it. That’s the power illusion stage. You know your energy is flowing. You know your heart is open. You have to develop that.

You must create a big love in your heart, like a motherly nature - opening, commanding, and pulling the energy.

If you keep holding the pain in your heart you can’t do anything. If you forgive, if you wash that out, you can make one more million with inspiration.

Five elements are the power. Power is nothing but five elements. Doesn’t belong to any religion, any tradition. It’s a tradition of the five elements. True, true, true love.

Anybody in the universe, even any master, if he’s giving the shaktipat, it means he’s waking up your energy. It means he has to use the five elements’ energy. That is, if you go to the deeper mechanism, it is there at the bottom. It is the underneath of the energy.

God’s secrets work in the heart. Open your heart to the beautiful elements and purify the element mantras. Forever and ever you are generating that Love.

Strong Determination – No Fear

Fear is endless. If you’re a spiritual master it means you’re ready to walk alone by yourself anywhere in the world, whether it’s daytime, nighttime, in the forest, in the graveyard, a church, or a huge castle. You have to sleep alone without any fear. Only then are you a strong person with willpower.

Adjustable Nature – Nourish Happiness in Your Life

It’s important to be very adjustable. Whatever happens, it happens. We can’t force God to make it happen, to do it. If you are doing it forcibly, it means you are in big trouble.

Commitment & Self-Discipline

The self-discipline means, you want to do this work. You chose it. Do or die stick on it. You are a soul researcher, you are a divine researcher, you are a soul scientist under investigation. Stand for it.

What is your commitment? You have something. You have something you can give to God. Simple. Taking a part of his suffering to enjoy it.

For the real spiritual seeker, for the true spirituality, the experience of suffering has to be understood in a different light. We have to surrender and enjoy a certain kind of suffering. Once we understand suffering through experience, then we’ll automatically know how to fix it. Ninety percent of this planet’s souls are sick. You have to take care of these people, these souls. How can you help the disease if you don’t know the cause? The people need someone to give them hope, some power to take care of them.

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