Your Connection to the Mission Is From A Previous Life

from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

You came here for a reason. Try to find what that reason is. I know the reason you came here. If you don’t know, leave it to God; leave it to Baba. He will decide what to do. But, never ever ignore your job, your dharma, whatever you are doing. If you have two kids and a beautiful wife, you must keep taking care of them and also try to make the people around you happy. Try to share the knowledge and information you’ve learned from your Swami in India, the Vedic tradition, with your friends and the people around you. That is the way to live your life, your dharma.

The Guru Parampararelationship, your soul family, that’s the important family. Not the body family. The body family is always illusion. Never ever believe that. It’s not permanent. It’s just, it’s like a small wave. The body family is for a maximum 50-80 years. One day, you have to walk out from your house, your body house, that’s for sure.

I don’t care about the body family. I care only about the soul family. That’s important. On the soul level, I have to do my duty, the soul handling. Then later, the connection will be there all the time. That’s important. That’s immortal. That’s the real fragrance. The soul family is immortal. So, try to become as members in that family, to reach that stage. You’ll know that fragrance very soon.

All you guys, whoever visited Penukonda, it’s a standard law that somehow, somewhere, there is some channeling from your soul to Mother Divine, to Shiva, and to a few other characters. There are seven brothers, Baba, Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharishi, Yogananda, Babaji, Buddha, Jesus. You linked somewhere with them. I’m not exaggerating.

Without a reason, your Swami wouldn’t be in Penukonda. I was born in a different district. I grew up in my childhood days in a different place and yet, I am here. Yes, it’s a divine mission.

Did you really think ten years back that you’re going to come here, guys? It’s the Kala Chakra, the time cycle. You were born in a different country. I came from a different place. But we all came here. Who pulled you here? Just a simple question, who pulled you here?

Student: You.

Swami: Me? Who pulled you? Even if you want to come, if theBoss and I don’t want to see you, you won’t come. Even if you tried, you tried, no way. Even if you don’t want to come, I know how to make you come. I won’t make you sleep. No way. Once I order, “Come, man,” that’s it. You don’t know what happened, but you’re calling, you’re getting your ticket, you’re packing your luggage, then rrssstt, you take off. Then you’re here. And especially, if Baba wants to see you.

Even though sometimes you never want to come again. It’s so frustrating for you, it’s so hot and confusing, and you feel it’s a hell. I know a few people have that type of ‘no way’ attitude. But you have to come. You have to? Come.

If the order is there, if the call is there, you can’t escape. In this life, in this incarnation, in this lifetime especially, I couldn’t escape. I wanted to come later on. But the order came, “Go! Go! complete it! Then come back. Then we’ll decide.”

“No, no way.”

“Has to. Has to.”

That is the Boss’ talent. It’s not in your hands.

Without your previous life connection, it’s impossible for you to come here, impossible for you to sleep here; it’s impossible to do a process on this earth. Even if you want to try to come, if there’s no connection, it won’t happen. No. If Penukonda wants to see you, even though you tied your two hands with an iron belt, it pulls you like a bird.

Jesus told all his students that they will become more than him. That’s a powerful statement. All his students will become more than him. Jesus did whatever you’ve done guys, like Jonathan Rosen, like Raymond and Elisabeth, all the processes — Five Elements, Inner Elements, Jiva Vidyas, Vibhuti Yoga, Khandana Yoga, Atma Chedana Yoga, Parakaya Pravesha Yoga, Bhuu Nakshetra Yoga, Jala Samadhi Yoga, Samadhi Yoga, Sthiti Yoga, Sthita Pragnata Yoga, Swasa Yoga, these are all different, different chapters he did.

Monika: Swami, your students want to know what is their relationship with Jesus?

Swami: What do you mean?

Monika: Well, were most of your students around Jesus?

Swami: Do you have any doubt?

Monika: No.

Swami: Punar janma sukruti [1] means the fragrance is coming from many lifetimes. Otherwise, you won’t be in this mission. But still, I’m expecting some maya. How many people will get filtered out? I’m gently observing. How many people will really stand? How many people will walk out? How many people will really stand for satya? Since twelve, thirteen years waiting, waiting, waiting.

The Mother is playing the key role here. Jesus is a great amazing soul. He played his role, then he walked out. He walked out. But it’s so sad, this many years have passed, a few thousands of years of a gap. So sad. Sometimes I’m still wondering, how much time will it take for me to really complete this mission in a proper and beautiful way. How many years it will take, is a big question mark. Every night I’m sleeping in the Jesus Temple, and thoughts are flowing like a big river. How to protect the knowledge and how to fix it in a gentle and powerful way. I’m not talking something I made up in my mind, putting my own masala here and there, winding up the book. It’s not that. You know I’m a very particular character. Until I see it, until I prove it to myself, okay I tested, tested, tested and tested. Even the Vaastu book [2], practically I tested it, tested it, tested it. Then finally I released it.

Whatever the Mother leads, to wherever we need to go, we will go. But give the chance to the Mother, and let me drive the Mother’s steering. I hope you believe in me, I’m a good driver.

Divine Mother is unbelievable kindness. You have no idea, She’s maximum protecting us. She’s totally on our side, no matter what. She’s finding the way to release certain knowledge and information. How far, to which extent, She’s going to give it, for that especially our Big Boss Baba is a good commander.

Paul: Swami, you have so much knowledge. The Divine Mother must have blessed you because you have done so many lifetimes ofsadhana. How did you get all this knowledge?

Swami: It is not from this lifetime. Even your lives, this is not your first lifetime to be in this lineage, in this knowledge. For many lifetimes, it keeps coming, now you are coming into the climax. Otherwise, it won’t happen.

[1] Virtue from previous lifetimes

[2] Victory Through Vaastu -Transforming Your Life Through the Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture

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