Ancient Knowledge for this Time of Change

Sri Kaleshwar, circa 2008, Penukonda India

Awaken Now

The minds of those who live at the end of the [darkest age] shall be awakened, and shall be as clear as crystal. The people who are transformed by the nature of that unique time will be the seeds of new human beings and the dawning of a new Age of Truth.

Vishnu Purana, 400 - 300 BCE

Our Teachings & Mission

It's the time to change the globe's belief system, so the coming generations know these ancient formulas, which came from the Mother... After 500 years, I don't think people will follow any philosophy except the ancient, the most ancient philosophy in the palm leaves.

Sri Kaleshwar (1973 - 2012)

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Connect To Your Divine Mother

We each need to also experience whatever the divine souls like Jesus, Shirdi Baba, and Mother Mary experienceed: working with the soul and angel channels; controlling and handling spirits; communicating and hooking angels, making them work; bringing your own energy up to connect and communicate with Mother Divine.

Sri Kaleshwar